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Last 42's thread deleted
Message #1 Posted by Dave Hicks on 7 June 2002, 12:29 p.m.

Because there were several false names used.

By the way, the person "accused" emailed me and said that he placed the order after HP indicated they were out of stock and his order remains unprocessed.

Re: Last 42's thread deleted
Message #2 Posted by Britt Snodgrass on 7 June 2002, 1:40 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Hicks

Since I missed the opportunity, I'm curious. How were these last HP-42S replacement units offered for sale? Was it on the HP web site?

Re: Last 42's thread deleted
Message #3 Posted by Ellis Easley on 7 June 2002, 5:28 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Britt Snodgrass

Apparently, someone (Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen) just happened to notice that the HP parts system had an entry that sounded like it might be a warranty replacement unit and posted the fact here. Some people were pretty sure it wasn't a calculator but a service manual, but as they began arriving it turned out they were calculators! This is the thread.

another thread: The Arrivals!
Message #4 Posted by Ellis Easley on 7 June 2002, 5:40 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Britt Snodgrass

more 42S excitement!

Re: Last 42's thread deleted
Message #5 Posted by Y. Samuel Arai on 7 June 2002, 10:44 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Hicks


Thank you for setting the record straight regarding the 42s'es. It makes me very sad that some people have to try and dig up scapegoats, going so far as invading my privacy, and obtaining (mis)information illegally, and falsely accusing me in public of buying up the remaining stock of the 42s'es. Even if I had been able to order all (or any) of the remaining stock of 42s'es, such a post would have been completely unwarranted. I wish I could have gotten just one!

So what's next? Posting real names of all the people who bought more than one XBOX game console on the first date of its sale? Or perhaps posting real names of people on EBay who displeased you with their bids?

I'd also like to set another record straight. "glynn" indicated that I had sold many 16C calculators, which is completely false. I have never sold a single 16C to anyone anywhere. So I ask "glynn", how did you come to the conclusion that I had been selling 16C's, and in a manner which displeases you?

All this has made me feel a bit pessimistic about the MoHPC community...


Apology to Y. Samuel Arai
Message #6 Posted by glynn on 8 June 2002, 2:18 a.m.,
in response to message #5 by Y. Samuel Arai

I relied on my memory only, Samuel, and that sometimes is not terribly reliable toward detail, especially in respect to model numbers. I did not believe I was incorrect-- but perhaps in retrospect I made the error of associating your sales here with 16c's, because I am currently in pursuit of such a model. I did note in that memory of mine that you had a stock of numerous calculators of the same model-- but as you state they were not 16c's, I stand corrected and apologize completely. I would have looked in an archive normally but Classifieds, by their nature, expire. Was it 15c's?

The intent of the unidentified poster was to identify what seemed to him to be a profiteer (i.e., somebody acting on information freely given in a spirit of trust within the Forum, to do more than get a calc). I do not know HOW he came to the conclusion that you were the one with the order for 20; I did not ask, and it did not occur to me that he possibly broke any law to get it. It seemed to me he probably checked his place in the queue with a garrulous sales rep, as I might have done, had I participated in the rush.

If *I* had been in the queue, I might have asked the pointed question: are there any recent LARGE orders for this item? Because I would know that this item languished in complete and untouched anonymity UNTIL the story was broken here; and so it would interest me, too, if the order prior to my name was for 20 or so. Might have been disappointed to hear of one like that, though I myself happened to be relatively sure that several of the calcs were going to be acquired only with an eye toward immediate profitable resale.

MY intent, (in a post that can no longer be reviewed, apparently), was to point out that one who orders 20 calculators, with the intent of reselling them, wasn't doing anything necessarily evil-- that those willing to take the job on of retailing may do so, as they do run risks and assume responsibilities and gamble on a return of their investment made-- all because they assume there will be a demand on the supply that there is.

My intent, further, was to express a FEELING, one that identified with the Unknown Poster's disappointment, while redirecting its target. Of course I see that you agree: it IS a blow to just miss a great deal.

And it's sad that there just aren't enough of these to go around for everybody that wants one OR twenty. Now that Dave has set the record straight and you've corroborated that the order got aborted, no one can, or should, accuse you of even attempting to manipulate the limited supply of what became an out-of-the-blue windfall to this small community.

I'm GREATLY glad to know of your innocence, Y.Samuel; I am glad the unknown poster was wrong about there being somebody who would scarf up all he could-- not because there is anything inherently wrong in that-- but because it would be against a spirit of sharing of both information and resources that characterizes so much of the Forum and its participants. It would not have been wrong to make money, of course; it only would have been sad to see one of our "own" use the "gift" of such information to make it magnitudes harder for those others in our midst.

But GOOD NEWS, all: That DID NOT HAPPEN. All the orders that got filled apparently were for small amounts-- no one here was intent on making their retirements on eBay with this hot tip!! That HAS to make you feel good about MoHPC users, doesn't it?

I apologize to you, Y.Samuel, that what I was willing to believe of you once the unknown poster invoked your name, was so off-base. I hope you won't remain pessimistic about the community here. As you perhaps saw, there were more than a few who came quickly to right the wrongs done you. If anything DOESN'T deserve a jaundice, it is the Forum, its curator, and the community that looked hard at the available facts and reacted responsibly as the truth came to light. I hope you understand that I held no grudge to you, and made no attempt to deride your alleged actions or motivations. My mistaken contributions to that post, though made for benevolent reasons, are my fault alone, and I fully and pubicly retract any error fostered in that mistake.

Take care, "glynn" <-- (my "consistent" identity; recently it has been delineated I must use this)

Thank you glynn (and others...)
Message #7 Posted by Y. Samuel Arai on 11 June 2002, 2:31 a.m.,
in response to message #6 by glynn

glynn: Thank you very much for your reply. I too felt very disappointed that I couldn't get any of the remaining 42S'es, and certainly do empathize with those who also missed out.

So disappointed was I that I missed out, that I went ahead and placed an order against zero stock anyway...only to have my name publicly posted in one of my favorite internet sites, accused of buying up the remaining stock of calculators... talk about rubbing salt into my wounds...

It just would have never occurred to me to go out and try to find out who might have bought the remaining stock, nor if any of the successful orders were for more than one...and then post this information publicly under an alias. I was just disgusted by this behavior...and really saddened that fellow MoHPC members can behave in such an ugly manner.

Anyhow, regarding selling calculators... I haven't sold any calculators here at MoHPC that I can remember. I have sold about 5 calculators on EBay however, to reduce some duplicate items in my collection. I expect I will be selling more as my collection grows.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who expressed disapproval of the original malicious post.


just suppose ...
Message #8 Posted by Ellis Easley on 8 June 2002, 9:33 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Hicks

I'm not trying to throw fuel on a fire, I just want to "pose a hypothetical" regarding the latest controversy:

Suppose a well-intentioned member of the MOHPC community bought all the 42S's simply to pass them on to others at his cost. How would he decide who gets one? What if someone wanted two?

There is a series of articles in the 65 Notes or the PPC Journal, which I only know through the Jake Schwartz CD-ROMs, about a guy who had a business and needed a large quantity of magnetic cards - a few hundred, at least. In order to get the price break, he wanted to buy 1000 from HP and then sell the remainder in lots of 100 to club members at his cost plus expenses. He got so many takers it turned into a major operation. Of course, that case dealt with something that was still in production.

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