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HP9825 / 98032
Message #1 Posted by Ad van Steen on 5 June 2002, 4:15 p.m.

In my company I still keep an HP9825 alive, it is the brain of a pipe-cutting machine. I want it replaced by a PC but the communication with the servo's of the machine is done through a HP98032 interface. Can anyone give me detailed info about this interface?

Thanks in advance

Re: HP9825 / 98032
Message #2 Posted by Petr Horsky on 12 June 2002, 1:26 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ad van Steen

Well, to speak exactly, I don't have any detailed information on the HP 98032A, but one or two of them now rest in my cupboard and I can still recollect what is it like (as I employed them about 20 years ago). It's a 16-bit bidirectional TTL parallel interface with a breadboard-configurable handshake logic. In your servo application, I believe it's simply used with no handshake and therefore easily substitutable by e.g. a plain, directly programmed LPT1 port of an (older) PC, possibly buffered by some circuitry.

Sorry for speaking so vaguely; I would like to have the old manuals back again, too. If you don't find anybody better informed, perhaps I am able to figure out how it works in your application, provided you try to give me more specific questions. In such case, please contact me also by e-mail, as I don't check the Forum frequently.

Best Regards, Petr Horsky

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