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Scientific/Financial Calculator
Message #1 Posted by Tedy on 25 May 2002, 2:50 p.m.

Hi People! I am wondering if there is an HP out there that does both scientific and financial calculations that will get me through college. I'm trying to avoid buying 2 calculators. I want something like a combination between a 17B/BII and a 30S/32S. Is there such a model? Thanks.

Re: Scientific/Financial Calculator
Message #2 Posted by Ron Ross on 25 May 2002, 6:22 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tedy

Yes, an Hp 48/49g series (graphics with TVM and you can download nearly any extra financial functions or programs you want).

Or probably more to your likeing would be an Hp19BII. It has all the functions of the Hp17B plus trig and units conversions. My wife used this calc to get her through a tough physics course. Afterwards, tossed it back into my colection and returned to her 27s (but you don't have that option).

Re: Scientific/Financial Calculator
Message #3 Posted by on 26 May 2002, 3:42 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tedy


Apart from a 48 or 49 where simple financial functions are integrated and where financial pacs are available, the best choice under my opinion is a 19BII. There are a lot of maths functions (check HP's site) including a very conveniant solver. It's also very powerful in financial and statistical functions. It's really easy to use and incredibly powerful. The IR beam can point to an IR printer which might be interesting for printing amortization schedules et.

So if you don't need a CAS, matrixes and complex numbers, the 19BII would be my best choice. Otherwise go for a 48 or a 49 !

The 2nd hand market might be interesting, I would then recommend a 41 with the math 1 and Finance modules. Though the 41 is a hell of a machine, it's rather slow and a bit more difficult to use, but once you're used to it you don't want anything else. The bad news is that getting a 41 and these 2 packs on ebay can reach the price of a new 49 and certainly 2 19BII !


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