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32SII memory increase
Message #1 Posted by Don on 25 May 2002, 6:14 a.m.

There is a lot of talk of adding memory to a 42S, could memory be added to the 32SII? Just wondering?

Re: 32SII memory increase
Message #2 Posted by Tony Duell (UK) on 25 May 2002, 2:33 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Don

I've never found a way to do it. The HP42S is relatively easy becuase it was _designed_ to use a 32K RAM. There's a separate RAM chip in the machine (an 8K one on standard 42s), but the PCB is designed so a 32K one can be fitted by just changing one link. And the HP42S firmware is designed to look for the extra RAM. I am told, BTW, that although you can fit a 32K RAM to an HP17B (it's the same PCB as the 42S), the machine will only use the first 8K of it. The 17B's firmware is not designed to use a 32K RAM. Anyway, getting back to the 32S, it's all on one chip (CPU, ROM, RAM, etc). There is no separate RAM chip to replace. And I've never found anything looking like a memory bus (neither a normal 'industry standard' one nor a Staturn Bus) on any of the 32S's chip pins. Pity, as the standard 384 bytes (or whatever it is) is nowhere near enough.

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