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HP25 - Display problems ?
Message #1 Posted by Ingo on 23 May 2002, 12:35 p.m.

I bought a hp25 - the first test with new NiCd-accus was successful… but the dot appears only sometimes and the keys doesn't work properly and sometimes there were zeroes instead of blanks. The 7-key displays sometimes 9 and I have to press some keys twice befor the number appears on the display. I hit those keys very often and then it works better, but after I hit one key the display shows only 4 zeroes on the right side (flickering) - after that without pressing a key only a very bright zero appears on the right – for some seconds. After that the hp doesn'n work, only sometimes when I switch it on the bright zero appears for less than a second. I opened the calculator and cleaned all contacts – but not the keypad.

Who can help me… display-driver ? / power-switch ? other parts ?

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