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Travels, Part II: Uicro Minutes & BBC Current!
Message #1 Posted by barry on 16 May 2002, 10:50 a.m.

once again, in my travels i have come across some more docs: this time a folder that contains - 1)a small stack of: Uicro Minutes, Newsletterof the HP Micro-Computer Interest Group; datecodes about 1980, this was a group of HP employees who banded together in the early days whose common interest was the desktop computer; some of these are merely lists of members, others have some small info on their various projects. 2)more interesting: a small hand-drawn schematic, entitled "68K-P Clock Logic", no other info 3)three page docs on "BBC Current Source", including three larger foldout OFFICIAL HP blueprint schematics "BBC Test Current Source"

any one knowledgable about any of this? The Uicro Minutes group was a SF bay are HP employee group (probably Sunnyvale or SJ?). tnx, barry carson city, nv

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