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Help! How to remove the Hewlett-Packard Front Label
Message #1 Posted by Andreas Stockburger (Germany) on 14 May 2002, 2:52 p.m.


I have two HP 35. One in excellent condition, one in non-working, VERY bad condition. BUT the "Hewlett-Packard" -front-label of the bad one is excellent. The excellent calculator has NO front label :-( Here is the idea: Removing the label from the bad and putting it to the good ... But how ? Do you think an hair-dryer can help ?

Best regards

Andreas Stockburger

Re: Help! How to remove the Hewlett-Packard Front Label
Message #2 Posted by David Smith on 14 May 2002, 4:51 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Andreas Stockburger (Germany)

Most HP calculator front labels have one end that is slightly lifted. This was caused by the finger oil of whoever stuck it on affecting the glue over the years. If yours does not then mayby a hair dryer or razor knife can be used to lift one edge.

Once you have a free edge, then you can use a strong thread like to slide down under the label and slice through the adhesive. If you have a product called "UnDu" or UnDo (it is just the solvent heptane, also found in some rubber cement thinners) it helps to wet the thread with it. It will cause any adhesive to temporarily lose its stick. A hair dryer may also help.

The label will probably come off slightly curled. It can be straightened by placing it on a piece of paper release backing from an adhesive label, lating it on a smooth slightly resiliant surface and gently rubbing it, etc.

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