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How to clean the keyboard of a Woodstock
Message #1 Posted by bert oberholz on 14 May 2002, 5:11 a.m.

Hi there,

I'm just trying to clean the keyboard (or better: the surface between the keys) of my woodstocks (25 and 27).

No matter how I try, I end up with stripes and "crossings".

I found out that the material does not stand the tissues I use to clean my glasses. The tissue turned olive ...

Any idea of techniques without having to dissasemble the keyboard?

-- Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards Bert Oberholz +49(0)171/209 4711

Re: How to clean the keyboard of a Woodstock
Message #2 Posted by Ellis Easley on 14 May 2002, 5:17 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by bert oberholz

I haven't done this with a calculator, but I have used this method for other things that have openings, which I want to clean without letting a lot of water in:

Hold the item with the surface to be cleaned facing down. Use a brush with short (approximately 1 cm), soft bristles over a large area. Fill the brush with thick foam from a soap and water solution with as little extra water as possible. Move the brush in small circles across the surface from below. Think of the tips of the bristles dislodging the soil, which then becomes suspended in the foam. Then you can shake out the excess foam from the item or even remove it with a vacuum (since it is quite dry). Then you can rinse the brush and shake out the water until it is only barely damp and use it (again from below) to rinse the surface. You might want to do the rinse several times to get all the soap off, since the brush is fairly dry.

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