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Hand Held Products Portable EPROM for HP-41
Message #1 Posted by Chris Catotti (Florida) on 13 May 2002, 2:28 a.m.

I have a unit with no directions or instructions. Does anyone know how this was/is programmed? Do you recognize the collection of programs installed now? I have a list of programs and functions in it now. 'PROGRAMS are written in user code, and FUNCTIONS are written in mcode. I also have three pictures of it. The locations were determined using the CCD Modules CAT function.

--------------------- -- port 2 lower ----- --------------------- 'INPROP 'MT 'Z 'ARGT 'RT '30 --------------------- -- port 2 upper ----- --------------------- 'P13 'UD 'KTH 'PLT 'PROP2 'DES 'MUW 'OUT 'PX345 'PX34 SI43 SI243 --------------------- -- port 4 lower ----- --------------------- 'DM 'DPT 'EREQ 'FK 'FSET 'NPMLH 'PROP 'QUAD 'P31 'P01 'P14 'P45 'H7 'H10 'CB12 'CP 'GPM 'NP 'SWAP 'DPCHA 'DCD 'POP 'DPFC 'DP 'DPA 'FP 'PERF1 'PERF2 'REDIS 'RFM 'UT 'PX13 'PX463 'PX1700 'PX1152 'PX850 'PX807 'PX258 'PX27 'PX130 'BPO --------------------- -- port 4 upper ----- --------------------- 'DPCK 'MDP 'RPT 'FILM 'MEW 'T2 'AM10 'AX30 'A20B 'AM20 'A15B 'A10B 'CB25 'P2 'IN GETKEY REGMOVE REGSWAP X<>F DATA1 DATA2 'AD 'AU 'LGO

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