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28C, other bits.
Message #1 Posted by koyote on 30 Apr 2002, 4:25 a.m.

New to this forum, here goes:

Well, I've been collecting (in a lowbrow and low budget sort of way) various handhelds since my first TRS-80 PC1. I really am more of an oddball user, though- I tend to carry my machines around and subject them to things like -gasp- keypressing. ;)

So, I'm "back" in college. (Why is it that just because I'm 31 and an undergrad it is assumed that I'm "back" in school instead of having spent 12 valuable years living before finding a desire to go?) I've recently acquired- been strong armed into buying, actually- a ti89. Very nice machine for some things, though I grew up on tandy/sharp keyboards and shifting constantly to type letters is incredibly annoying.

I also recently acquired an hp-28c. Guess which gets used more? This 28 is fantastic! Granted- plotting is painfully slow, and a lot of calculations take entire seconds. This has already generated a few laughs from people the age of the calc. RPL is a joy compared to tibasic, or tandy basic for that matter. I think the elisp warped my brain.

For current purposes, I think a lot of what I need can still be covered by this wonderful beast- though I can't imagine what hp was thinking not allowing for external data storage.

So, is it worth tracking down a 28s?- even with a 48gx (I'd be tempted to trade the 89 on a gx with printer or some other addons) I think the 28 would see plenty of daily use. And, how do I find more manuals without insane ebay prices? I saw 4 manuals go for over $50 a couple days ago! (I've got stats, users guide, and ref.)

Cheers, Christof

Re: 28C, other bits.
Message #2 Posted by Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) on 30 Apr 2002, 7:04 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by koyote

Hi, Christof (Koyote?)

There are some application books and other relative literature that can be found here. Plenty of good stuff, believe me.

About the 28S: it has more memory (32K against the poor 4K available at the 28C), but still does not allow external storage to be recovered. I mean that if you have an IR receiver and decoding SW, you can "print" your programs and data to an external device, but you'll only be able to handle this data, not to send it back to the calculator (I know you know that...). I use a program (INPRT) that allows the HP48 to receive data from other HP calculators, so I save all my 28 stuff as recorded and printed data.

The HP28S has some few operating differences that allow it to be more friendly in use, but both share the same arith and algebraic power.

And the HP48... Well, there is so much to say about them that I invite you to read some posts in here. In a few words: a great piece of something.


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