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HP71B - #$%!!#!$@ screwed
Message #1 Posted by doug on 7 Apr 2002, 5:29 a.m.

A number of people responded to my original posting of:

HP71B - #$%!!#!$@ screwed, on November 08, 2001.

I had fully intended to thank any and all of you for your help, but by the time I got the proper tools and figured everything out the posting was gone. Anyway this is my resolution.

Don't waste your time on a unit that uses 1/4 inch bits for the HP71B unit. It will not however work on one of the deeply recessed torx screws on the HP71B Case. The exact tool for all latter model HP71B units I used with success was as follows:

WIHA Proturn 657/T6 x 40 Item # 95713 $4.10 a. Tip size = T6 - This is a standard blade b. Blade Length = 40mm c. Blade Diameter = 2.5mm

Some people that posted a response to my original question said that it takes a T7. While that might be true on some older units it wasn't on the latter units I have. I also wondered if there are different types of torx bits. The answer is yes.

a. TORX - Standard tapered style blades b. TORX Security - Center point hole on blades - Nipple on screws - can't push solid standard on c. TORX Plus - Straight edge blades (Vertical)

The WHIA webiste has a lot of useful information on the subject, as well as many fine products as well. I contacted them when I found the one torx screw couldn't be removed with the 1/4 inch bit. One of the employees eventually put me in touch with a designer type person that helped me find the exact tool in just a few minutes. Great service and resolution. They stock the units all the way down to the rare T1 in this series. But not the 1/4 version. The quality is really fine as well. Doug

Torx Plus: Also: - Bottom of page

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HP71B - #$%!!#!$@ screwed 8 Nov 2001 ============================================================

Re: HP71B - torx stuff
Message #2 Posted by glynn on 7 Apr 2002, 2:10 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by doug

Thank you Doug!

That was most helpful information, and I'm glad you posted it.

I find I can never have TOO many good tools! And so many fasteners these days are torx-type. I'll stock up.

Re: HP71B - #$%!!#!$@ screwed
Message #3 Posted by Ellis Easley on 8 Apr 2002, 11:54 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by doug

I love the Wiha tools. I bought a set at Mouser Electronics walk-in store, an assortment of about 6 tools that included I think 3 sub-10 Torx sizes, for around $30. A few weeks later I was in Fry's Electronics and they had a shopping cart full of closeout items that included most of the Wiha tools I had bought, plus some more, individually for around $0.90 each! Of course I stocked up. A Wiha Philips #1 has been my most-used tool since then (about 2 years) and it shows very little wear.

I remember the discussion about the 71B but I don't remember which screw is the worst case. Recently I bought a tool set which consists of a handle and bits, but it is not the usual 1/4 inch hex with magnetic retainer, the bits have a .156" (about 5/32") hex fitting and the retainer is a spring-loaded ball on each bit which you line up with a hole in the handle socket; it doesn't increase the outer diameter of the handle shaft which is .230" (a little less than 15/64"). Do you think that would fit in the worst case on the 71B?

I bought this set from the same catalog that had the 3.5" ds/dd floppies ( partly because it looked kind of like Wiha tools in the ad. They aren't that good but pretty good anyway. The bits snap in very snuggly and the handle has a good spinner on the end. The set has 2 Philips, 2 Posidrive, 4 straight blade, 3 Allen hex sizes (1.5, 2, 2.5 mm) in both regular and ball-end, and Torx 6 through 10 (19 bits plus the handle). The set comes in a very nice fitted case with a metal spring catch. The brand (not mentioned in the catalog) is Velleman. I don't know if this is a manufacturer or just a label. The set was $18. I also ordered a 16 piece jewelers's type set which included some small nut drivers for $5. This has the same name on it but is not very good, some of the Allen wrenches are bent and the hard plastic case arrived with the catch broken off.

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