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Geoworks Bindery
Message #1 Posted by Glen Kilpatrick on 30 Mar 2002, 11:31 a.m.

Geoworks would appear to be out-of-business (possibly years ago), they're not selling / giving away this (DOS?) software that "binds" books into .gpk files (lets you turn the text of your choice into a book, there are boatloads of public domain text that I have yet to read, but only a handful of already bindery'd .gpk books across the entire web); refers me to but they don't seem to have any "Geoworks Bindery" any more, although one product does have an associated "Book Reader". I've emailed them requesting a status / reality check, but just in case....

And what does this have to do with MoHPC? Well, [1] such "books" are the only kind that may be read on the Book Reader in my ~new *HP* OmniGo 100 (organizer, vaguely similar to an LX100/200) that runs Geoworks, and [2] where the heck else could I ask (I already scoured the web, nobody else has this)?

So the question, does anybody have this software (orphanware) anymore, and might be able to help me? I don't care about anything else in the SDK, just in the Bindery functionality. Thanks in advance.

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