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LIF Image Files --> Disks
Message #1 Posted by Dan M on 28 Mar 2002, 4:07 p.m.

I have concocted a way (without using Linux :-( )to turnTony Duell's swap disk LIF image files back into LIF files on a LIF disk.

I am taking Tony's LIF disk image files and creating zip files from them. In the zip file are all the files themselves, a .BAT file and the LIF program file needed to put everything back onto a LIF disk in a PC drive.

What you need:

a MS-based computer with floppy drive a floppy disk -- I've been using brand new 1.44mb 2hd 3-1/2 inch disks out of the box with no problem...yet. The zip file with everything in it (about 550kb per swap disk)

What I did:

I used Tony's image file to extract the both the file header information and the files themselves to a DOS/Windows environment. I also use the info to create a ".BAT" file which sends everything back onto a disk when its run.

What you need to do:

Get a zip file from me, or the HPMuseum ftp site when I put them there. Format your floppy to LIF format (I've used PC-drive and LIFUTIL software) Extract the zipped files to a directory Run the included .BAT file Then you have the original disk, on disk.

What then?

It's best to have HP-IL capabilities and a 9114 drive, but there are ways to run the files on the various HP41 emulators.

email me for questions or for files (short term). With Dave's permission, I'll put them on his ftp site (longer term).

Thanks, Tony, for creating these image files. You had several swap disks that I did not have on file yet.

Dan M Bellows Falls, Vermont USA

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