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DS/DD 3.5" diskettes
Message #1 Posted by Ellis Easley on 26 Mar 2002, 11:02 a.m.

Earlier, I mentioned MEI Micro Center as a source of DS/DD 3.5" diskettes whose recent catalog said they would have them only while supplies last. Apparently that applied to a normal catalog item that could be ordered in any quantity. Their latest catalog includes one SKU (643908) for "3.5" DS/DD Bulk Diskette", "Sold in packs of 500", "Diskette color will vary" for $50.00. I've ordered a pack, which I think will be a lifetime's supply! They have a website,, which seems to be exactly like the current printed catalog, although it does have some additional closeout items including a 10 pack of Maxell 3.5" DS/DD IBM format diskettes for $3.49 reduced from $4.99 (SKU 570457).

Re: DS/DD 3.5" diskettes
Message #2 Posted by Ellis Easley on 30 Mar 2002, 5:21 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ellis Easley

My 500 diskettes arrived and they look pretty good. For some reason, I thought when the catalog said "Diskette color will vary", it meant I would get "pot luck", or an assortment of odd lots that added up to 500 pieces. What I got is a factory sealed box of 500 orange diskettes wrapped up in packets of 50 each. The color reminds me of some of the diskettes that used to come in the mail before CD's started coming in the mail. 500 diskettes is heavy! 12.5 kg according to the label. This catalog charges for shipping according to the total price, regardless of the weight (they sell computers and for over $1000 total order, they say call for shipping charges, I suppose they ship by weight in that case to be fair.) I ordered some additional items but if it had only been the diskettes standard shipping would have been $9.25, that sounds pretty good for about 28 lbs by FedEx.

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