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A little bit on Ebay...
Message #1 Posted by Frank Glitz on 26 Mar 2002, 8:21 a.m.

Well, I know that's not a pure HP-related theme... but I think there are a lot of people among the participants of this forum who are quite frustrated (or enjoyed, if they sold something there...) with Ebay.

If someone feels bothered, drop me a line and I'll delete this posting ASAP...

I found an old posting in which I will quote below (including the credits) :

>In article <>, > William Sommerwerck <> wrote: >> StarChaser Tyger wrote: >> >> > "Lou D" wrote: >> > > Sounds like a RARE EAMES ERA to me, NO RESERVE >> > >> > And everybody should L@@K... >> >> At this RARE and UNIQUE item... >> >> That's sure to PLEASE any collector... >> >> Because it's in absolutely MINT condition... >> >> Though I don't have a battery to test it... > >It works perfectly, but the cord's cut. > >We spell too well, though.

Okay here's my additions, please understand that these are meant to be stereotypical humor, there are of course honest folks that do say what they mean and mean what they say out there...

The last owner said it worked perfectly --- Means It worked when seller bought it, but seller smoked it

Complete with all tubes -- Means I replaced all the tubes with duds

Original Patina -- Means looks good for having sat on my parents back porch for 40 years in the elements

All Original -- Means the seller theirself hasn't replaced anything

Rare, Scarce -- Means is the only one the seller has ever owned like it (the last one was missing a knob, this one must be rare, it has all its knobs, right)

Unusual or Unique -- Means someone hacked it something horrible so there isn't another like it

Untested, as-is -- I checked it out (or had it) and its beyond my expertise or means to repair

One of a kind -- I checked and there are no others like it up for auction at the moment I put it up (but you can expect at least 3 more if the bids go up at all)

L@@K -- Its junque, I know its junque, you know its junque, but maybe if I'm cute someone will bid on it anyway

DECO -- Darn-near Everything COlectible

Early -- Its older than I am

Beautiful -- It so pretty I can't stand to have it in my house

Must go -- The wife hates it

Selling off collection -- Just got married/Just got divorced

Museum Quality -- I've spit polished it, used every trick in the book and made this basket case look like its new, the damage must have occurred in shipping

Well thats enough for now... donning my kevlar just in case...

Richard (Melbourne, FL USA)

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