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Hp-41 calendar printing.
Message #1 Posted by Michel on 24 Mar 2002, 9:30 a.m.

Hi, and thanks for answers!

I'm playing like a kid with my HP and TI calculators when i suddenly want to compare an HP-41 and a TI-59 for speed. I mad some very simple loop and i denote that the TI was a little bit faster than the HP. But what about a "big" computation! I look around the net and learned on "Gene" site about a "competition" between TI-59 and HP-41 for speedy printing a one year calendar. I also found a version of that program for the HP-41 on the "Gene" site. I entered the program and expect to print the calendar in about that : """The program presented below is a little over 370 bytes long and requires 4 data memories. It will crank out a printed one year calendar in about 2 minutes and 20 seconds.""" But it did it on my CV and my CX in 7 minutes!!! with fresh batteries on calc and printer... What's wrong?

So i'm looking for The ultimate program Gene is talking about on his site says that it is a lot longer but no problem, i like playing with my toys...

I'm also looking for the TI-59 calendar printing program; i can't find it anywhere. Viktor email me that the program is in one of his "TI newsletters" collection, but not having the time to search it...

Thanks for help!

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