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Batteries for a HP 29C
Message #1 Posted by Dan Mance on 16 Dec 2000, 3:09 p.m.

I need to replace the Nicads - what voltage/current/size of batteries do I need? Thanks dan

Re: Batteries for a HP 29C
Message #2 Posted by Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) on 17 Dec 2000, 6:33 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dan Mance

AA size NiCads will, do, if possible choose some with flat tops. You can find information here at the Museum; there is a link on the home page (Collecting & Using, Battery Packs & Chargers); and a just arrived article at the Articles Forum.

Please don't try to run your calculator using an AC adapter without the batteries, you will most probably ruin it. The batteries should be in good condition, and be sure they make good contact with the calculator and between themselves.

As NiMH batteries have different charging features, it is preferrable to stick to traditional NiCd, or if using NiMH, charge them with a different, specific charger outside the calculator (a good idea, in any case)

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