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And the Winners are:
Message #1 Posted by Dave Hicks on 7 Dec 2000, 7:14 p.m.

Peter Peterson
Reinhard Hawel

Please email me your shipping addresses so I can send you a pen. Thanks to everyone for responding. Some of you had fewer manuals listed but offered to scan them, which is great and will get you a pen anyway.

Chris, your super run-on sentence entry looked very impressive, but as I went through the first 15 or so, I found each one on the CDs already or on one of the earlier submitted lists. I then just spot-checked the rest and found a similar pattern. The language variants are interesting and it would be good to have more languages on the CD but that really wasn't what I had in mind when I challenged people to name the most manuals. I'm afraid I must call this a "damaged ballot" until the Supreme Court rules otherwise ;-)

However, if you can find some that aren't already on the CDs and are willing to scan them, then a pen awaits.

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