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AC Adapter
Message #1 Posted by Simon Kelly on 4 Dec 2000, 3:41 p.m.

I have a HP-41CX and find the batteries run flat often. Was an AC adapter for this model produced? I would be interested in purchasing this.

Re: AC Adapter
Message #2 Posted by Steve (Australia) on 4 Dec 2000, 5:53 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Simon Kelly

Yes, and No.

There is no AC adapter as such, but if you get an HP 82120A nicad pack (and you'll almost certainly need to rebuild it) you can charge this in situ with the appropriate charger for your country.

Assuming you're Australian (hahaha) the charger is the HP 82068B.

On the rather small chance that you're from the USA (apparantly there are some people here from there) then you'd be after an HP 82058D.

The charger is the same unit that goes with the HP97, The HP41 printers, HPIL disk drive, HP110, HPIL tape drive...

Getting hold of a charger should not be a problem :-)

Actually calling it a charger is a misnomer though. The charging circuitry is built into the battery pack (and if you do rebuild it - there is a mod that will prevent certain charger models from frying your calculator!!!!).

Good Luck.

Re: AC Adapter
Message #3 Posted by Reinhard Hawel on 4 Dec 2000, 8:09 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Steve (Australia)

Because I've found out, that the large majority of people in this forum are coming from Middle-Europe (there seem to be some Australians and U.S. citizens too...:-) ) I post the 220V AC adapter number for middle Europe.

It's 82066B .

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