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HP-41C battery contact fix
Message #1 Posted by Erik Wahlin on 2 Dec 2000, 5:07 p.m.

I just discovered a relatively easy way of fixing the HP-41C series calculator battery contacts. These are the gold or other gold color metal plated contacts on the battery contact block. Battery corrosion and mechanical wear from the batteries tend to ruin these contacts. You can apply a conductive epoxy to the damaged areas and this seems to work. I don't know yet if this type of epoxy oxidizes in time which would cause it to fail later. The epoxy I used is made by Circuit Works (part # CW2400). It is available through Allied electronics and is not cheap at about $18 for the two tube set (7 grams). The tubes have Chemtronics ( printed on them.( This product is normally used for circuit board trace repair. Please use at your own risk. Has anyone else out there ever used this type epoxy for battery contact repairs?

Re: HP-41C battery contact fix
Message #2 Posted by Katie on 3 Dec 2000, 1:28 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Erik Wahlin

Hi Erik,

Good idea! I've used the same stuff for several difficult to repair electrical contacts (e.g., attaching leads to solar cells and fixing rear window defroster contacts), but never for a contact that's likely to see some wear and tear. However, the stuff does seem to last for many years and does not break down easily, not even in outdoor applications. I'll bet that it holds up fine.


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