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HP 32E
Message #1 Posted by Alex on 9 Nov 2000, 10:58 a.m.

Hello all, I have an HP 32 E that displays a comma instead of a decimal point (I know how to change it on an HP15- but not on an older LED type calculator). Any ideas on how to change it? Thank you in advance.

Re: HP 32E
Message #2 Posted by ALBERT on 9 Nov 2000, 11:25 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Alex

Hello Alex,

I found that in the "BUG" section of the museum : it seems there may be a jumper (inside the calc) to switch the mode .

Just have to try it.

(Et un petit mot en francais pour saluer tous les amoureux de ces merveilleuses petites machines que sont les calculatrices HP de nos jeunes années .... et de nos plus vieilles)

{I'm obliged to translate for english speaken people if i want to avoid the censors : and just some words to wave at all the lovers of these marvelous little machines that are the HP calculators of our youth .... and the others)

I hope that my english is not too bad ....

Comma and Dot Variations

Some HP calculators made for the European market had the commas and dots reversed as compared to their American counterparts. The 20 series used two different displays with the decimals being either square or triangular. The triangular decimals could be interpreted as either dots or commas and so were sold in both the US and Europe. The 30 series models had a jumper change between European and U.S. comma/point formats. (Many later models can be switched by the user.)


Re: HP 32E
Message #3 Posted by Katie on 10 Nov 2000, 12:21 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by ALBERT

The jumper is on the power supply board on all the 3x series machines that I've seen. Looking at the component side of the board, it's right above where the flex circuit connects to the board. The jumper is present (i.e., shorted) for US and absent (i.e, open) for Europe.


Re: HP 32E
Message #4 Posted by Alex on 10 Nov 2000, 9:57 a.m.,
in response to message #3 by Katie

Thanks to everyone for all the support and the quick responses to my question! :)

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