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What manuals came with 41CV
Message #1 Posted by Mike Davis on 22 Oct 2000, 1:47 a.m.

I know the HP-41CV Owner's Manual, Basic Operations came with it but I have also seen:

1) HP-41CV Operations in Detail which is listed as an option

2) HP-41C Owners Handbook and Programming Guide

I don't find any mention of the Progrmming guide listed as an option. Was that included with all 41s?

What is the original documentation set for a 41CV?


Re: What manuals came with 41CV
Message #2 Posted by Wayne Brown on 23 Oct 2000, 8:04 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Mike Davis

My 41CV came with the following:

"HP-41C/41CV Operating Manual: A guide for the Experienced User"

"HP-41C/41CV Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide"

"HP-41C/41CV Standard Applications"

"HP-41C/41CV Quick Reference Guide"

My 41CX came with:

"HP-41CX Owner's Manual Volume 1: Basic Operation"

"HP-41CX Owner's Manual Volume 2: Operation in Detail"

"HP-41CX Quick Reference Guide"

I'm guessing that the 41CV "Basic Operations" and "Operations in Detail" that you mentioned were for later CV models that were introduced after the CX was in production.

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