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Repairing HP-97
Message #1 Posted by Jim Lambert on 13 Sept 2000, 4:55 p.m.

I recently dug out my old HP-97 which I haven't used since college, and found that the card reader and printer no longer work. I also have to keep it plugged in because the battery no longer holds a charge.

Is there a place I can have it serviced? I live in New York City.


Re: Repairing HP-97
Message #2 Posted by Katie Wasserman on 13 Sept 2000, 11:10 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jim Lambert


Assuming that your card reader has the very common problem of a disintegrated traction roller, it's quite fixable and there are documents on-line describing how to do this yourself. (There's one here: There are also a few of us who will do that repair for you.

The printer is another story. Depending on the parts that need to be replaced it may not be possible to repair unless you have parts from another calculator to swap for the broken one. A (common?) problem seems to be that one of the driving gears tends to disintegrate with time (like the traction roller). Assuming that this is your problem, I don't know of anyone that has identified a source of replacement parts for this. (I'm working on this myself.)

International Calculator and Computer used to do 97 repairs, but their web site says they're not doing so now (see: Quite possibly, your best bet is to buy another 97 on ebay. There are 2 or 3 of these sold almost every week and they seem to go for around $100 if everything works.


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