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Alternative Accus for HP41
Message #1 Posted by Daniel Diggelmann on 5 May 2000, 7:43 a.m.

Recently I bought an HP41CV with the alkaline battery holder. I discovered that Panasonic are producing an accu called P180N. The nominal capacity is only 180mAh compared to the alkaline cells with 600mAh. The price of one accu is approx double of the alkaline cell. So it could be an interesting alternative to have two sets of accus and charge them externally from the calc. Has anybody got some experience with this type of cells? I suspect that the duration with only 180mAh could be quite short. Calculated duration would be 18 hours @ 10mA typical consumption. The question is whether the low voltage check on the HP41 will allow to use the full capacity of the accu. Any comments on this matter are highly appreciated.

Cheers Daniel Diggelmann

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