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HP67 Card Reader Problem
Message #1 Posted by Alex Lee on 22 Apr 2000, 3:06 p.m.

I have a HP67 and the card reader is not working. I have found the problem is the little rubber roller is damaged due to aging.

I need to know where I can purchase the parts or subsitute with some kind of rubber tubing.


Re: HP67 Card Reader Problem
Message #2 Posted by Matthew Riehl on 22 Apr 2000, 10:42 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Alex Lee

The original parts are no longer available. You can make replacements out of either tubing (R.C. aircraft fuel line or refrigerator water line) or with rubber O-Rings.

I have rebuilt a couple of these now and have used rubber O-Rings on both of them, with very good results. You can get the O-Rings at the local ACE hardware store for about 15 cents a piece, you will need two of them. The size that you want has an I.D. of 1/8" and an O.D. of 1/4". This is the perfect fit for these machines.

Just clean out all of the old gooey stuff and fit these onto the drive wheel. Be sure to read the article on HP-67 repair by Steve Loboyko on the repairs section of this site as it is full of good information. Good luck.


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