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Re: Early 32E
Message #1 Posted by Mark Palmer on 17 Apr 2000, 12:33 a.m.

Yes, once snapped apart I guess these spice type are more service friendly- plus they don't have that big current limiting resistor the woodstocks have that distorts the color of the case with it's heat or the tough to rebuild battery cartridge. This particular 32E was a US government surplus unit and is marked so on the back. It must have been left on continuously as the first four sections of the LED segment are a bit dimmer than the others. Still, I have little doubt this thing will last another twenty years! Thanks, Mark

Re: Early 32E
Message #2 Posted by Daniel Diggelmann on 17 Apr 2000, 4:26 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Mark Palmer

What a coincidence !!! Just today I received a HP32E from a friend. After playing about with it I discovered the same problem with missing segments. But with the above description it was an easy job to get it all running perfect again. I have cleaned all contacts with alcohol. But I didn't solder the LED to the mother board. I thought I gonna try how long it would last in the original fashion. If it fails again I'll solder it the next time. Wow - I must admit this construction with the loose chips is really a courageous approach. I also had to make a new accu pack. I took two NiMH cells with 1100mAh. They last about twice as long as the NiCd packs. So now I think the calculator is fit for the new millenium :)

Cheers Daniel Diggelmann

Re: Early 32E
Message #3 Posted by Mark Palmer on 17 Apr 2000, 9:32 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Daniel Diggelmann

One thing I haven't read on taking these apart was to make sure the keyboard is facing down when the main assy. is removed or all the little buttons fall out! Kind of common sense but I was thinking it would be like a woodstock where this is no worry. That was the only minor disaster I had on the repair. I didn't know they made NiMH cells in the AA size when I rebuilt my batt. pack but I'll use them if I get the thrill of finding another spice to work on in the future! Mark

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