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CMT module
Message #1 Posted by Jos on 10 Apr 2000, 5:29 a.m.

I bought an HP71B via Ebay which contained, besides a CMT 32kRAM module, also a module with following text on it: 'CMT71-32E'. A sticker on the module says '1.071'.

The 32kRAM modules work fine when used on their own in an HP71B. Does anyone know what the CMT71-32E module does ? It doesn't seem to be needed by the 32kRAM module for it to function. Any help appreciated.

Re: CMT module
Message #2 Posted by Steve on 10 Apr 2000, 6:38 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jos

Another 32K?

Re: CMT module
Message #3 Posted by Peter on 10 Apr 2000, 7:53 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jos

It is a EPROM module. I can't tell more about it, because I was outbid by someone...

Re: CMT module
Message #4 Posted by Reinhard Hawel on 10 Apr 2000, 7:57 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jos

Here's what I stole shamelessly from the EDUCALC catalogue #37p36

begin of stolen text:


EPROMS (Front Port) [CMT]

Store up to 32k or 64k of custom application programs. Unlike the RAM modules these modules may be removed from your HP-71 front port without losing their memory, just like any HP application pack. They can be intentionally erased with ultraviolet light and reprogrammed many times by an EPROM burner or through our EPROM service. Better than application packs, they are updateable.

CMT-71P01 EPROM programmer for HP-71 front port EPROMS

A completely self-contained device, that allows you to program CMT-71-32KE or CMT-71-64KE EPROMS. It connects to the HP-71 through a front port. The programmers RAM is accessible through commands in the HP-71. To use the programmer in the 64 k mode, a FORTH ASSM ROM needs to be installed into anther HP-71 port. Additional software to help build the EPROM image is supplied on theCMT-71 EPROMs along with self test programs. The EPROMs will need to be erased with ultraviolet light before programming. The manual contains full operating instructions. It assumes, you have some working knowledge of the general use of the HP-71 and the hexadecimal number system. Most references to address or data will be made in hex. Typically to burn a 32K EPROM takes less than 5 minutes. The 64K EPROM generally takes less than 15 minutes.

------------ End of stolen text

Note: this is NOT the HHP (Hand Held Products) EPROM or EPROM/RAM module for the card reader port. These modules were more simple to use, because they had a socket, which held industry standard EPROM chips. These chips could be programmed with any programmer, not limited to the special CMT programmer.

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