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Message #1 Posted by Lee Amthor on 27 Mar 2000, 10:27 p.m.

I am one of the proud 200LX users. Sadly the casing cracked next to the hinge in the back of the screen. Can anybody advise me of a reasonable repair option ? Any offer, help, advise is greatly appreciated.

Message #2 Posted by george on 3 Apr 2000, 5:52 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Lee Amthor

I haven't seen anyone answer your question, so I'll give you the benefit of my experience.

When I got my HP-200 (used), I didn't know about the dreaded crack. I found out what to look for from a website with a list of frequently asked questions relating to the Hp-200. (I don't remember the link, but a simple search on "HP-200LX" should bring you to it.

Having learned what to look for, I was able to discern the beginning of a crack in the housing near the right hand hinge. The machine was not in warranty. Is yours? The FAQ says HP was fixing machines that were. Worth a try.

I first tried model airplane (plasticene) cement (the moderately thick stuff, not the really thin runny stuff). I wet the entire area of the developing crack and some of the cover around it, making sure the cement got in the crack, but not so much that it would get inside the HP itself. I then left it overnight. This seemed to work for a while, but I could see the crack developing again after about a month. The next try was to take a small piece of plastic, looking like the material of the claculator, about 4x10x2 mm. This was big enough to cover the crack on my machine, plus some of the area on either end of the crack. I used the same cement as before, moistening the area around the crack, and making sure the cement got into the crack. I then coated the piece of plastic one side with cement, and placed flat on the crack. I pressed it just firmly enough to make sure no air was trapped. You have to apply enough of the cement to start softening the HP plastic (and the plastic patch the one side on which cement is applied to it), but not so much that it would run down insideth HP, or smear over too large an area on the outside. I left the HP untouched for a full day and a half after the application to allow the cement to set.

This seems to be working. I am, however, very gentle in in opening and closing the cover. The plastic patch is also a little unsightly, but function means more to me than form.

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