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HP49 Advanced User Guide...
Message #1 Posted by Dan M on 2 Mar 2000, 12:59 p.m.

Much to my shock, my "free" hard copy of this guide arrived in the mail yesterday. It was postmarked from Portland, although I had to pay to have a postcard sent to Australia to register for it.

Too bad it still won't make this calculator as fun or as easy to use as the 41 series. Here's to the re-release of the 42S, with I/O and time functions!


Re: HP49 Advanced User Guide...
Message #2 Posted by Ron Ross on 2 Mar 2000, 2:44 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dan M

Its to bad no one with deep pockets wants to manufacture a pocket sized calc such as the 42 with 128k and a serial port. That would be a great calc. A clock would be good and a USB or low power serial chain so you could use as a data acq or other high end portaable device if you so chose. Oh well. Back to the real world and shortsighted execs who sell shinny bright blue calcs or compete with an existing market instead of forging new ones. (ie Bill Hewlett, who wanted a Pocket Calc!)

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