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hp48sx manual part 2
Message #1 Posted by henk schellen on 5 Feb 2000, 5:51 p.m.


I bought a 48sx on ebay and I miss part 2 of the manual. I am trying to connect the 48sx by kermit and hyperlink, but I do not get a connection yet. Can anyone help me out 1. with the manual, 2. with the connecting problem 3. emulation of the hp41c on the hp48sx Thank you for your reply,


Re: hp48sx manual part 2
Message #2 Posted by Menno on 7 Feb 2000, 3:50 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by henk schellen

Forget hyperlink, forget kermit. It's far more easy to use Link48 filer from Sparcom. I am using Link48 version 1.0 now for over 5 years without problems. So the answer to your questions. #1 manual part 2: sorry, I've dropped my old SX manuals about a year ago in a box with books bij de Slegte (Zwolle NL). #2 Connecting: use Link48. #3 emulating a 41 on a 48: goto you'll find the complete works for 41CV/CX with all the modules.

Have Fun,


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