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HP49 Programming techniques
Message #1 Posted by k.y. fung on 19 Jan 2000, 8:47 a.m.

Does any one know books on the HP49 RPL programming techniques and how to work with the calculator in RPN mode. The manuals is IMHO on the pathetic side. Your info in appreciated. Thanks.

Re: HP49 Programming techniques and FORTH
Message #2 Posted by keith dicks on 26 Jan 2000, 7:17 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by k.y. fung

I have made a little headway by guessing and using my knowledge of the HP32S, HP67! and the FORTH language. I have not found anything in the HP49G documentation on how to program with the HP49G in RPN mode. If anyone knows if there is any web site with a guide please post the address here.

If you want examples of some very rudimentry code and how to enter it into the calc. I can post it here, please note I am starting from scratch with no published information.

(There doesn't seem to be any comments on how FORTH is so much like HP's RPL? Does any one have any comments?)

PS don't tell me to buy the HP48 manuals or HP48 AUG, HP should put something in the HP49G documentation for people who do not have an HP48.

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