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Where's Joe? USRLIB help
Message #1 Posted by Tod Lewis on 18 Jan 2000, 4:55 a.m.

I'm still trying to get USRLIB to work but cannot get the right syntax. C:\USRLIB.EXE -llistfile Funts test.LIB is the closest I can figure out for a directory file Funts and a library file to be created, test. Any help is always appreciated. Tod

I'm still here - barely
Message #2 Posted by Joe Panico on 18 Jan 2000, 10:05 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tod Lewis

Todd, I'm around, just busy with the holidays, my daughter's wedding, my other daughter's car wreck, my son's constant badgering for a car of his own. Do you know if I qualify yet for the goverment witness protection program - new name and location? I could use it.

I'll double check the instructions for the USRLIB program. I have forgotten as I use the Hackers card EduCalc was distributing. You may consider getting a copy of the Goodies Disc 10 or selecting the programs from It's much easier than tying yourself to the computer. I'll post tomorrow with the instructions.


USRLIB Example
Message #3 Posted by Joe Panico on 19 Jan 2000, 1:36 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tod Lewis

Todd, I looked-up the usage. If all is OK with your HP48 file, do the following: (I'll use your file names)

1) Copy the HP48 directory "Funts" to the PC in binary mode

2) c:\USERLIB Funts test

This takes the file "Funts" and creates a library named "test".

3) Copy the file "test" back to the HP48 in binary mode.

Try this and see if it works. If you want, send your example library source directory to me and I'll try it out.


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