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Message #1 Posted by Bob Christiansen on 13 Jan 2000, 3:28 p.m.

I recently "found" this HP site. Is there anyone out there still using hpl on the 9825/9826/9616/9836. We still do some specialty engineering, business accounting, and payroll on a 9816. I have written programs for thermal design, magnetics design, power supply design, interior ballistics of guns, and other subjects over the years. I would like to contact any others currently using this language for ongoing work. Bob C

Message #2 Posted by Joe on 18 Jan 2000, 8:42 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Bob Christiansen

Hi Bob,

Yes, I still use HPL. 3x 9816s, 4 x 9836s, 4x 9826s, 13x 9825s. There are still LOTs of commercail companies that use HP 9825s. Sounds like you have some interesting programs there. Any chance of getting a copy of some of them?


Message #3 Posted by Bob C on 18 Jan 2000, 6:32 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Joe

Hi Joe,

I thought I had the market on 9825's with 8 of them. Also have one 9816 with both small and large keyboards. Two 9836A's. Several 82901M, 9121, 9122, 9133 and 9134 drives. Two 2831B and several 2225 HPIB printers. Also one 9100 and one 9815 calculator and several HP-85's, 86's and 87's. I just started to collect them since I thought they were unique and part of "history in the making".

Many of my orignal hpl programs were written to run on a 9825A with 15K memory. They were all ported to the 9816, then modified and expanded with increased structure and comments for easy reading and to run on 9816/9836 using Structured Softwares HPL+ Ver 4.3. Most would probably run fine on HPL 2.1 since I tried to avoid commands unique to HPL+. Maybe some problems when reading and writing to the drives. All programs only used side 1 of the disk for 9121 compatibility.

My working setup here consists of a 9816 running Structured Softwares hpl+. The 9816 has 1 Meg ram and the large keyboard, a 9121 Amigo drive, a 20 meg 9133H CS-80 drive, a 82901M Amigo drive for old 5 1/4" discs, a 7470 plotter, a 2225 printer and a 2631B printer.

I might share some of the programs. What is your area of interest? Also several Fourier analysis, Laplace transform, MTBF analysis, ac circuit analysis, and a few games. I wrote all the programs except for the games which were pirated out of hp and given to me. The ac circuit analysis program was published in one of the electronics magazines about 20 years ago.

Bob C

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