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Literature/Books for 49G
Message #1 Posted by Jan Lipton on 13 Jan 2000, 5:43 a.m.

I find lot of literature on 48, but nothing for 49-G. Concerning the poor manual, it would be interesting to get more external know-how. Does anybody know?

Re: Literature/Books for 49G
Message #2 Posted by Sam Peld on 13 Jan 2000, 8:03 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jan Lipton

As yet I have seen no books (other than HP's offerings) on the HP49G.

HP are caught in a short term trap: Either stop spending any more money on the product and try to recoup the costs already invested or invest more in the product (by giving better support / documentation).

A certain level of sales is required to create a 'critical mass' (as has happened with the HP48). This 'critical mass' may take several years to form, however the (justified) negative comments caused by HP's poor manuals (and the way they have chopped and changed e.g. units) will delay this from happening.

If / when this critical mass is formed and the product has stabilized 3rd parties will invest in books about the HP49G.

As HP appears to be a short term profit lead organization further support from them (in the way of better manuals) is unlikely, even though this will lead to higher sales over the longer term. (Compare with TI's methods).

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