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HP-41CV and 9114A Problem with SAVEAS and GETAS
Message #1 Posted by Wayne Brown on 11 Jan 2000, 9:10 p.m.

I'm trying to save and restore ASCII files from extended memory to diskettes. Each time I try, the drive spins for a few seconds and I get a NO DRIVE message on the 41. I've tried taking everything out of the loop except the 41 and the 9114, removing all modules except the XMEM/XFUNC module, and doing an ON-BKSP reset. It doesn't make any difference. Once in a while SAVEAS will appear to work (especially if I make the diskette file a couple of registers larger than the XMEM file), but GETAS always fails no matter what the file sizes are. Everything else I do with the calculator and the drive (NEWM, WRTA, READA, WRTP, READP, SEC, UNSEC, DIR, PURGE, VERIFY, etc.) works perfectly, as do the HP-IL/RS232 interface and 82162A printer I usually have connected to the HP-IL.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I've gone half blind digging through old issues of "PPC Journal," "CHHU Chronicle" and "HPX Exchange" looking for bug reports about this, but haven't found anything yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: HP-41CV and 9114A Problem with SAVEAS and GETAS
Message #2 Posted by Wayne Brown on 24 Jan 2000, 7:52 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Wayne Brown

Ok, I've found a solution to my own problem. The first time I try either to SAVEAS or GETAS it gives me the NO DRIVE error. But if I try again, without doing anything else after the first attempt, then it works on the second (usually) or third attempt. After repeated testing I've not yet found a case where it corrupts or truncates the files. Either it works completely or doesn't work at all. I'm still curious about why it doesn't work the first time, but at least it works. This is important for me because I use an expense accounting program on my 41CV to keep track of the time I spend on various projects at work, and I feel a lot better knowing that my records are backed up to diskette. (Until now, I'd been uploading them to a PC through the HP-IL/RS232 interface, but saving to diskette is a lot faster.)

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