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I found an HP9825A
Message #1 Posted by Trond S Trondsen on 7 Dec 1999, 7:07 p.m.

....but I found no documentation. Would some kind sould be able to fax me some pages that could get me started on programming this thing (just for fun)? There was also a 16-Bit I/O module/cable, and various programming cartrides. But, without manuals I'm lost... what's this HPL language like I wonder? The machine appears to work OK from what I can tell. Does anyone else out there own the same machine? I would love to correspond with you then...

Cheers, trond

Re: I found an HP9825A
Message #2 Posted by Joe on 1 Feb 2000, 12:08 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Trond S Trondsen

Hi Thond,

The HP 9825 is a great machine and they're very reliable. HPL is similar to APL. "2 -> A" assigns 2 to the variable A. "A + 2 -> B" takes the value of variable A and adds 2 to it and assigns it to variable B. All variables in the 9825 are single characters. You can also use register variables, similar to the registers in a HP 41. "4 -> R(0)" asigns 4 to register 0. I think you can only use 0 through 9 for register variables. But you can use registers indirectly, "R(R(0)) -> C" takes the value from the register pointed to by register 0 and places it in the variable C. Try posting an ad in the HP news-groups and you should be able to find some manuals. The used manual dealers probably have them too since the 9825 was so popular. You will DEFINITELY need manuals to use the 9825 and it's interfaces. It's much too complicated to figure out by yourself. E-mail me directly and I'll give you the URL to a site with more info.


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