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HP-17B/19B: new function for Solver
Message #1 Posted by Ricardo Sassatani on 11 Nov 1999, 4:01 p.m.

I guess some people have already heard about a new function for Solver on HP calculators that doesn't appear on its manuals. This function is very helpful when building a polynomial equation. Supposing that you have to write a formula in Solver such as: Y = (x + 1) + (x + 1)^3 + (x + 1)^0.5 + ln(x + 1)

It's a waste of time using a calculator when a spreadsheet can simplify your work. However there's a function that helps to get rid of these repetitive terms: L(name:exp)

The formula above can be rewritten as: Y = L(A : x + 1) + A^3 + A^0.5 + ln(A)

The term (x+1) were labeled as A. And only x appears as an independent variable for the function. Just try.

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