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Message #1 Posted by Tal. on 11 Nov 1999, 5:25 a.m.

Hi There, Could someone help me to write an infinite loop for the HP48SX calculator? Best regards, Tal. email: P.S. Is it possible to do the loop with a label and a goto like the

HP41 or the other HP calculators?

Message #2 Posted by Joe Panico on 11 Nov 1999, 8:59 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tal.


Those loops are easy. I'll show you some examples (humor included.) They take the general form of:

DO ask question about loop UNTIL answered END

This loop executes at least once. It continues to execute as long as the value of "answered" is zero (0). When "answered" is non-zero, the loop stops.

Another loop is:

WHILE confused REPEAT ask question about loop END

As long as "confused" is non-zero, the loop repeats. Should "confued == 0", the loop never executes and the question is not asked.

Your last method uses no test but does continue.

1 MAXR START ask question about loop on forum NEXT

This sets up a loop from 1 to infinity. (MAXR is 9.999e499) Since a test is missing, it keeps going.


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