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HP-67 "low-level" emulator?
Message #1 Posted by Paul on 1 Oct 1999, 6:22 a.m.

Does anybody know of an HP-67 "low-level" emulator? By this I mean an emulator that works by simulating the original chip and by using the exact code of the original ROM [I'm rather clueless about its technology, so it may not be exacly a ROM]. This has been done for classic computers, arcade games and gaming consoles. Surprisingly, I haven't found such emulators for the classic calculators (pre HP-41C).

Such an emulator (for the HP-67 but also HP-97, HP-65, etc. and even TI-59) would be extremely interesting as a way of documenting the classic calculators.

What about a higher level emulation (probably not 100% accurate, especially for the precision of transcendental functions)? I'm thinking about an emulator in the spirit of the Java applet for the HP-25 in this site. An emulator that feels like the real thing, where you click the keys, using the mouse etc. This would be also interesting (and would avoid the legal problems of using the original ROM).

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