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HP41/42 to HP48 problems
Message #1 Posted by Chris morris on 29 Sept 1999, 12:58 p.m.

Like Steve, who posted here on 14 April, I have not been able to get the program INPRT to work on my HP48G, using IR from an HP42S. This is a program (available at that is intended to read infrared from the HP41/IR module or the HP42S into the HP48's stack. Is this a program that ONLY works on HP48S series (it is dated 1990, Hewlett Packard written), or will it run on HP48G series? Does anyone have direct experience?

Re: HP41/42 to HP48 problems
Message #2 Posted by Chris Morris on 29 Sept 1999, 9:14 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Chris morris

Well I've managed to answer my own question! I'll post the answer here for the benefit of others. DON'T use the INPRT program posted at HPCalc.Org in utils/comms directory, UNLESS you have an HP48SX. This is a Nov.90 HP program of 865bytes, it will not work on an HP48G series. Instead, use the 877byte INPRT program that is on Goodies Disc #9, this version was written by HP in Jan.94 for the 48G. Tried it today with my HP42S talking to a HP48G - the link worked perfectly!

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