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HP 97 missing key
Message #1 Posted by Jorge on 15 Aug 1999, 11:37 p.m.

I bought a HP 97 but is missing the"PAUSE" key.When I turn it on the display shows "001 51".Non of the keys are operable and the display doesn't chage if I switch from prgm tu run.The charger is ok and the battery pack is charged too.Can someone help me? Thanks.

Re: HP 97 missing key
Message #2 Posted by Rainer Hofmeister on 16 Aug 1999, 11:18 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jorge

Well, I had a similar problem last week and solved it with lots of help from this forum :-). I think it's the keyboard. You might have to disassemble the calculator and keyboard (very carefully). When you see it it will be obvious how the keyboard works. There are gold contacs that are bent by pressing a key to make contact with the keyboard carrier board. Make sure that the contacts don't touch the board when the key is not pressed but do touch it when the key is pressed. You have to slightly bend the contacts. Take a look at the switches, too. The gold contacts might have fallen out or may be bent. be sure to write down which cable goes where before dissasembling the machine.

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