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Need Power Supply info: HP-110
Message #1 Posted by John Jewkes (W6HNC) on 25 July 1999, 7:56 p.m.

I have an older HP-110 LapTop computer that I am trying to get set up for Packet operations. Don't have the manual. I need to know the Voltage and Polarity to feed power to the critter and if the DB9 port is a serial port, a CGA monitor port, or something else??? I assume the RCH port is a power port for Recharge of the Battery Pack. I am also guessing the IN and OUT ports are like Printer/Tape data in/out?? And Last: does anyone know if the ROM can be updated to DOS 3 or Higher? 2.11 was pretty lame in 1984. NOW it is archaic.... (This from a guy who helped build one of the first few Apple's in a garage a hundred years ago......)

73 de John Jewkes

Re: Need Power Supply info: HP-110
Message #2 Posted by Reinhard Hawel on 25 July 1999, 10:53 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by John Jewkes (W6HNC)

I own a HP Portable plus, so this may not all apply to a 110. I hope I will get a 110 soon.

You need a power adapter HP82059D (in the U.S) for the RCH port, i believe. I am from Europe, so I have a HP82066B. This should be rather easy to obtain.

The adapter says:

Input 90-120 VAC 50-60Hz 7VA

Output 8VAC 3VA max

It's a simple transformer, so there should be no problem finding a replacement. The plug could be a problem, but I believe you'll surely know some tricks, when you're doing packet radio

The DB9 port is a serial port with a stange nonstandard pinning. I'll post it at the end of this article.

The IN and OUT ports are for so-called HPIL peripherals. This is not the place to discuss all of them, but there were a HPIL Printer (Thinkjet, 2225B) and a Disk Station (9114 or the second revision: 9114B)

There were also some interface converters to RS232, HPIB, GPIO,

Sorry no, there was never an upgrade for the DOS.

Here the plan for a homebuilt cable directly from my HPPP (portable plus) manual:

HP name serial 25 pin(modem) 1 DTR -> 20

2 TxD -> 2

3 RxD 4

5 CTS <- 5

6 DSR <- 6

7 GND -- 7

8 DCD <- 8

9 RING <- 22

Have fun with it. This is a really cute machine. I might have some software for it (a special implementation of Kermit) and an editor.

No, the machine is not fully PC compatible, the serial ports should be accessed with the DOS/BIOS functions.



Re: Need Power Supply info: HP-110
Message #3 Posted by Stefan Vorkoetter on 27 July 1999, 3:15 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Reinhard Hawel

Yes, the DB9 port is non-standard. But in fairness to HP, keep in mind that there was no standard DB9 RS-232 serial port pinout at that time (I doubt there is now, so if you wish, the HP pinout is standard, and everyone else's since then is not).


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