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HP 9000/300 BASIC and HP71B
Message #1 Posted by pablo alvarez on 27 May 1999, 5:58 p.m.

Hello, I have acquired a HP 9000/300 BASIC from a cousin at MOT. What I want to know is if this computer was made to be connected to the 71b at all, or to the hpil. it has a rs-232 in the back, and an hpib input also. The O/S is BASIC, and the computer is connected to a HP 9133 through the hpib. So, does anybody know? A note on the computer: The craftsmanship is impressive! the 9000 can have cover removed with no screwdriver at all, so can the cards in the expansions. There are also screws that were made for both bare finger, or screwdriver. It is sturdy like a rock. HP must have fired a lot of engineers to increase efficiency, but the results are really palpable when you compare the materials, design and quality to any recent hp product vs. this macine. I think this machine serves to prove HP was the king of the 80's, then threw it away.

Re: HP 9000/300 BASIC and HP71B
Message #2 Posted by Dave on 28 May 1999, 9:13 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by pablo alvarez

The HP-71B can communicate through the HP-IL interface (a serial custom HP interface). If you get an HP-IL/HP-IB converter (model HP-82169A) you can talk between your computer & the 71B. There is also an HP-IL/RS-232 converter.

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