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HP45 Dead then Not Dead
Message #1 Posted by Dan Gordon on 15 Apr 1999, 2:11 p.m.

A week ago I charged one hp45 battery pack, then went to charge the second pack. It would not take charge, so I left it plugged in to see if longer time would charge battery. Nope - and so now the whole thing is dead. Plugged in - dead. With previously charged batt - dead. So I let it sit around for another day or two nopt plugged in, just sitting on the desk. Hey, the thing lites up - but dies quick. Let it sit some more days - now it stays lit, but dots accross display bottom like battery charge needed, but stays lit. So the 45 is not dead, but something inside (i.e. capacitor?) takes some time to discharge and then I am back to having my 45 back.

What is this? And, can I fix it?

Thanks Dan Gordon

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