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HP41 to HP48 (problems)
Message #1 Posted by Steve on 14 Apr 1999, 10:43 a.m.

I have located INPRT a program for the HP48(GX) that reads sort of pretends to be an IR printer to capture output from other calculators.

I align the HP41(CV) (with IR printer module 82242A) with the HP48 as per the instructions, and I start the INPRT program. I then start the HP41 printing (say a PRSTK). The display on the HP48 eventually returns to normal with "" and 1 in the stack.

According to the documentation, this means the HP48 didn't see any errors, but it didn't receive anything either.

I can confirm that the HP48 is receiving something because the HP48 remains in the blank display state for as long as the HP41 is printing (and then for another 5 to 10 secs).

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?

I have tried slightly different alignment, other HP41 ports, different separations between the calculators etc.

The only thing I haven't been able to confirm is that the printer module works correctly. I don't suppose anyone here is in Perth, Western Australia and has an IR printer (or knows how else to test this little beast)?


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