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82143A (Thermal) Printer Problem
Message #1 Posted by Wayne Brown on 21 Mar 1999, 1:03 a.m.

My 82143A thermal printer for my HP-41CV has a slight problem. The top one or two rows of dots doesn't print, giving the print lines a "clipped" look. The text is still readable, but I'd like to fix it if it isn't too difficult (or risky to the printer's health). From years of experience with HP's 26XX terminal series (some of which had thermal printers built in), I know this is a common problem, but don't know how they were fixed. (I always called HP Support to make a service call, which isn't an option for this printer.) Does anyone here know what would be involved in fixing this?

Re: 82143A (Thermal) Printer Problem
Message #2 Posted by Dan Grelinger on 28 Mar 1999, 5:04 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Wayne Brown

Wayne, I know enough about the printers to be dangerous. I can think of three things that may be wrong with your printer; 1. Thermal heads worn out. HP claimed that non-HP paper was rougher than genuine, and could wear out the thermal heads faster than genuine HP paper. This would indicate that extended use on any paper would wear out the thermal heads. 2. Thermal heads are dirty. 3. (Most likely) Misalignment of the printer head with respect to the printer roller, and therefore paper. This is likely since the two nonfunctioning pixels are together, at one end. I am not sure how you would fix this, sorry.

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