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Re: Dust on Pioneer display
Message #1 Posted by Brad S. on 20 Mar 1999, 8:57 p.m.

Compressed air blown into the keys first and then followed up by blowing into the side where the top and bottom halves are joined, next to the display. Yes, there is enough space for the air to enter. I have blown out 3 of the Pioneer series and a 12C. They seem to attract dust. One note, please make sure that the air supply has had the lubrication turned off. I use the compressor at work and can control the lubrication as well as maximum pressure. Our pressure is set to 100 psi. A service station may have the proper setup. I know that this sounds a bit harsh, but I have yet to see any damage and it clears the dust every time! I've used it on a 14B, 27S, 32S, and a 12C. Sometimes you just need MORE POWER!!!!!

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