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HP48 & Modems
Message #1 Posted by Marwan Joury on 9 Mar 1999, 11:59 a.m.

I have a friend that is working on a software project for a local surveying co. They are interested in transmitting data back to the home office while still in the field. They use HP48GX's with TDS software. Has anyone ever attempted to hook up a modem (better yet some form of cellular pocket modem) to a HP48G/GX?


Re: HP48 & Modems
Message #2 Posted by Walt Devaney on 12 Mar 1999, 5:30 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marwan Joury

Yes, I experimented a few years ago with a combination of an HP-48 and both an Infotel 2400 Baud battery powered modem and later a ZOOM pocket modem. The application was downloading a small amount of data from a base computer. I never managed to get a usable system. The modems (at least the ZOOM) were smart enough to establish and maintain connections on their own, no problem there. But I never could get a decent communication program for the HP-48. Another problem was speed, 2400 Baud was the fastest the HP-48 could accept or send character strings. I have no information on what happens if you try to transfer binary files through the modem using any of the file transfer protocols. I doubt it would work. Another problem is that the PCMCIA modem cards have made these external modems hard to find. I assume you know you will need the communications pack for the 48 If you want any details, contact me through e-mail.

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