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Re: HP42s - Multiple entry stats
Message #1 Posted by Stu Goldberg on 1 Mar 1999, 9:09 a.m.


Why not write a short program to do that?

Place the desired loop count into the stack Z register, then the X and Y values you want repetitively summed in their proper place on the stack.

After you do a [Sigma]Add, your X value is in LASTX, the X register contains the SumCount and the rest of the stack is undisturbed.

If you CLX, LASTX then 'DSE Stack Z', you should be able to loop back to the top and repeat the Summation the proper number of times.

You should be able to run the program by entering:

. LoopCount . Enter . Y Value . Enter . X Value . Xeq YourPgm

Hope this helps.. Stu

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