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CD format notes


Older versions of the Mac OS and a few older versions of Unix have some quicks in interpreting file names on CDs. This can cause the HTML navigation aids on the discs to fail, but the PDF files can always be loaded by hand. (Simply look at the link and load the file into acrobat.) The HTML is simply a navigation aid that some people chose not to use anyway. You can use your system's normal file browsing system instead.

Macintosh System 7.0 and earlier

Versions of Macintosh OS prior to System 7.5 will interpret the filenames to have trailing version numbers like xxxx.htm;1. The ;1 will prevent the HTML links from working. You can fix this with an OS update, or you can load the files manually.


Some old versions of Unix have the version number problem as described for early Macs but in all versions reported so far, a switch on the mount command can prevent this behavior.

Some versions of Unix will display the filenames in uppercase causing the lowercase HTML links to fail. Most such versions of Unix have a switch on the mount command to translate the CD filenames to lower case. If you can't find such a switch, then you can load the PDF files manually.

By default, some Unix/Linux browsers such as "Konqueror" come preconfigured to read PDF files with "Kghostview". You will probably want to change this to Adobe Acrobat Reader for best results. At the time of this writing, Kghostview is not able to render PDF files correctly.

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